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Our collection of luxury watch cases has been engaging a lot of attention, particularly the Venlo company the contemporary favorite among people who want only premium cases for their watches. With Venlo, you get the assurance of pure Italian craftsmanship. Venlo offers premium cases made of the best Italian leathers and premium hardwoods.

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Retail Price:$250.00
Sale Price:$212.50
Retail Price:$330.00
Sale Price:$280.50
Retail Price:$370.00
Sale Price:$314.50
Retail Price:$500.00
Sale Price:$425.00


Each Venlo case is defined by three attributes - unmatched quality, minimal-but-sharp styling, and undisputable durability. You can choose across a wide array of options, ranging from Venlo cases for 1 watch to those that can easily accommodate 12 watches on slightly raised, cushioned pillows.

Well insulated from the inside, each Venlo case has the credentials to keep your watch safe at all times. The use of finest fabrics and hardware components makes Venlo cases ideal for displaying your watch collection. You also get the freedom of choosing Venlo cases in a wide array of shades, ranging from different woody hues to sapphire blue and crimson red.