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Whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting serious about watches, you will invariably need a watch winder. Winders are high-precision devices that help to keep your watches in a safe, ready-to-wear condition over a long period of time. We are the leading online retailer of watch accessories, including Watch Winders equipped with the latest, most trusted winding technologies.

Our winders are safe, tailored to the requirement of mechanical watches, perfectly emulating the movement of human wrist to ensure that the self-winding mechanism of a watch is kept active. Despite advances in modern watch-making technologies and extensive servicing available for vintage watches, some watches, when left dormant, can be prone to oil clotting/coagulation—another problem solved by an efficient watch winders!
WatchNetwork is proud to be an authorized dealer for Wolf Design and Orbita Watch Winders, the world's most distinguished names in watch winders. Emphasizing superior quality, unmatched precision, and fine craftsmanship, Wolf Design and Orbita Watch Winders are the perfect accessories for your automatic, self-winding watches.

These watch winders are manufactured with the highest quality leather, wood and components so you can be sure that your watch winder investment will last. Wolf Design Winders are stylish and affordable for both the novice and collector. Orbita watch winders are made of elegant hardwood and leather with hand stitched finishing, luxurious suede lining, gold-plated locks and hinges, and patented watch-winding technology.

You can trust Wolf Design and Orbita Watch Winders to keep your prized mechanical watches wound when unworn.
Please note that internet dealers are no longer permitted to carry Scatola del Tempo watch winders.