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An Orbita watchwinder is the perfect accessory for any fine automatic, self-winding watch. You'll never have to reset your watch time, day or date again. ORBITA's patented design provides a rotating motion that mimics human wrist action, keeping your watch fully wound with absolutely no possibility of overwinding.

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Retail Price:$195.00
Sale Price:$165.75


Orbita is a globally renowned watch winder brand with dedicated dealers across every continent. Today, its portfolio consists of many other watch accessories, including Cases. Combining progressive styling with solid construction, each of these cases is a perfect solution for your watch storage, display, and safety requirements. We have the best of Orbita cases, including leather cases for 1 to 16 watches!

Metallic Cases
Lugano cases are crafted from ultra-light yet unbelievably strong anodized aluminum, perfect for storing watches in a vault or when traveling. Lined with suede, with dedicated space for watch documents, Lugano Cases from Orbita are highly resilient to surface damage.

On-the-Move Storage
Verona Cases from Orbita offer the best in easy-to-access and carry cases for travelers. Extensive use of suede and well-cushioned interiors provide a trendy way to carry your watches. Gold-plated hardware blended with textured leathers underlines the premium quality of Verona Cases.

Wooden Cases
Zurigo cases from Orbita are a global favorite among watch collectors. Using premium woods, suede, and mortised locks, these are the preferred choice for storing and showcasing vintage watches.