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Three Very Different Timepieces

by Noel56 Oct 09,2007 9:50 AM

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Three Very Different Timepieces

I have attached a thumbnail photo of my small collection of Patek Philippe watches.

I try to reserve each for special occasions!

The first on the left is a 1975 Ref 3671 oblong watch in 18k yellow gold, manual wind, ultra thin, with Roman numerals and is a great watch for the evening.

The middle watch is my 1917 Gondolo & Lab. in 18k rose gold, which is great for a formal event particularly when I wear a waistcoat! These pocket watches are delightful, and very tactile. The back of the case is guilloche and the feeling of quality is staggering.

The watch on the right is my 1988 Calatrava in 18k yellow gold. This watch is suitable for both day and evening wear. I love the Clous de Paris –hobnail bezel.

Although very different in their styles, all of my three watches are manually wound - it gives me a sense of involvement with the mechanism. I have obtained the PP certificate from the archives for each watch, which gives me the provenance for each timepiece.

I am interested if any other members have a collection like mine!

Thanks and best regards,