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When you are in varrock, there will be a guy in a multi colour robe which RuneScape gold reflects the gods. Look above For faster typing GM. Hello follower of (insert god Have we met? I can contact the gods, he has told me about you, and has advised me to tell you... yes? Told me to inform you...

In regards to the current God war. Didn't that stop years ago? Yes, in a way, however, the Celtics decided to do this one in public, they decided to use their best servents. So they chose to call on me to get their very best servents. So, you need me to beleive that the Gods started a second god warfare in solitude, and they chose to use just their best servents, which I happen to be among them, to help them win the war, which I still have trouble beleiving, and want me to help win the war. Yeah, thats about it

You are then teleported into an arena. The stadium is a triangle with a foundation in one of the three corners, Guthix is in the base, Saradomin at top , And zammy at top left. At the middle, there's a temple. From the foundations, your god resides, hitting incredibly high with their charms, and is affected by morale. Morale is the sum of kills you make minus the amount of times your staff gets killed. Once your god is killed, the game is over for your team.A game consists of 20 people each team.

You have to scratch like 5 percent off the gods health pub to defeat that god. Example. So the have a morale of 13, giving Guthix 13 points more of assault added to their main attack of 50. If your team loses, you get tokens based on how long you survived. If first team lost, you leave with nothing If second group lost, you receive 5 tokens. If you win, you get 10 tokens plus morale points left. divided by half

Talking into the GM he will provide you a couple of things for your source of tokesn. Mostly armor and weapons, more to come soon. A dagger with three borders, each one doing another power. (f2p but has powered up considribly if manhood ) 50 tokens 40 crush: 10 magic 0 range 0 Members has plus twenty to everything but magic/range. A team with the symbols of buy 2007 runescape gold the three gods ontop of the staff.