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Shadow twist: 1 elemantal rune and 1 calyctic rune, Allows you to RuneScape gold walk through walls (not like the barriers) level 10 magical --I believe good but that's technically glitching because like you cant usually do that also how would you use this charm? Click the spell then click wall??? This can be improved on anyhow make it like level 20 or something.

Meteor Twist: fires a meteor through wals in a straight line only 4 calyctic runes 10 harm lvl 30--and u damage that guy right? ... Maybe. Night shade: if hits then it blinds the opponent for 10 minutes 4 c and 3 e lvl 50 ok...

Meteor storm: shoots three celebrities and a meteor wich will 2-10 harm;v; 50 wayyyyyyyyy too replicated possibly the very first one work and just the initial one. Style blast, ultima: full combat: it shoots 2 stars at the air then shoots an energy lance and then blasts a meteor warp and then uses nightshade then teleports to the foe and then slashes him lvl 60 so this is member only right??? You're using meteor and then something similar to.

Snare and then melee? A number are odd, not sensible, too powerful, or merely useless. . .like those where you just tele Old school rs goldto a person and hit them they dont want THREE of these you can just buy 1 or 2 (then 1st and the 3rd)