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by OmegaCollector May 10,2012 11:36 AM

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Hey everyone,

I did some ad work for Omega in the late 90's and ended up with some nice collectibles. I was invited to Bienne Switzerland by Omega to attend the yearly watch fair and spend so time at the factory. While I was there I was given some very nice books that they told me were only available from Omega, all the books are published in Switzerland.

I also have some items which were only given to the buyers at the watch fair, buyer came from around the world to attend the fair. This was a special time for Omega, they were introducing the X-33 Speedmaster the next space watch.

I worked for an engineering company that supported maned space flight at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. I did a lot of work for astronaut Gene Cernan last man on the Moon, Gene was a spokes person for Omega then and still is today.  I also have some really nice space items also.

If anyone is interested please let me know. I am taking photos of these items and I will post them here everyone to see. Below is a book list.


Speedmaster Missions book; (in English) Soft cover.

Rare and very few were given out. This book came inside the Speedmaster Mission collection case. If you go to Google images and type in Speedmaster space watch collection you will see the case of 23 watchs and the book is shown on the inside lid of the case. I have 2 copies (in English)


Chonos special Omega: (in German) Soft Cover.


Omega and the Century of Significant Moments; (in English) Hard cover.

This book talks about Space, Jules Verne, Olympic games


The Quest and Conquest of Time; (in English)

This book talks about the mystery of time, the first instrument to tell time, mechanical clocks, the evolution of the watch, relativity of time.


Le Sens Du Temps; (in English) Hard cover.

This book all about Omega history in sports time keeping. Time photography and perspective.


La Rose Des Temp; (in French) Hard cover.

This has lots of photos of clocks made by Omega. These clocks are pieces of art designed by Nicolas Peter


A Time Capsule Omega Speedmaster; (in English) Soft cover

The story of the first watch in outer space. This book is a Speedmaster bible!


The Moon Watch; (in English) Soft cover.

The first and only watch worn in space. Great information about Speedmaster and it's history in space. I used this as a reference book for the work I did for Omega. Great book!


The Moon Watch; (in English) Hard cover.

The first and only watch worn in space. Great information about Speedmaster and it's history in space. This copy was a personal gift address to me from astronaut Gene Cernan. I would include some photos of Cernan and myself along with other information to authenticate his signature.


A framed piece which has a photo of the X-33 watch, a Apollo-Soyuz mission patch, photo of Tom Stafford and has signature.


Some one of a kind items I created for Omega. I will get photos started this weekend if anyone is interested.


Regards, John