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by Adolfo Mar 02,2010 7:00 AM

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Old Omega info Old Omega info

 I´m new here so hi to every one. I´ve just been present with an old Omega and it´s been a nightmare finding which model it is. It looks like and Omega Bumper but couldn´t find any picture on internet exactly like this one. Always something different. Either the secunday (seconds??), the numbers or something else. I would apreciatte if someone could tell something about this model and when it was made. i think might be over the 50's but ´don.t really know. Also found a lot of similar wathes but there were seamasters. Are there any difference between my watch and a seamaster of the same time. Anything about the caliber???

Sorry for asking too much but it´s my first time here and don´t have anywhere else ti ask.

Thank you