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Lost Navitimer Fighters

by cyber2thdr May 06,2009 11:28 AM

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I received a Navitimer Fighters from my wife on our honeymoon from a Breitling shop in Geneva in October 2001. Five months ago it was sent into the Breitling USA service center in Connecticut to replace a subdial hand that had come loose (they insisted that they required a new crystal and complete overhaul as part of the service, and it would take three months to service). The total fee would be $1200-$1400. As I loved this watch, I agreed to pay the toll. Four months passed without a word. I called the AD and was told that sometimes it took longer. Though I was not happy, I waited patiently. A week later the AD called and said that Breitling USA had lost the watch and that the Fighters Special Edition had not been manufactured since 2004 and was no longer available. I contacted Breitling directly. They offered to replace it with another watch and told me to look at their website and go to a local AD to select a new watch. None were like my Fighters, which had a unique 100% brushed finish, and I personally don't care for the high polish finish of the typical Breitling. I asked for a rose gold Navitimer witha leather strap. They said no way...pick something else. Maybe I seem unreasonable, but I didn't lose the watch, and why would I want a model I don't care for...any suggestions.