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help needed! on a pocket watch help needed! on a pocket watch

hi im new here, as i have just started collecting pocket watches but the one i just bought i thought was a none branded one and paid very little for it, until i got it and found it is actually a omega, so was quite happy. i've tried to do some research into it to find out when it was made what the model is etc also how do some easy maintinece on it. all i have to go by is the numbers dust cover and the back cover which are 1717575 and under that it says 34 p . the seconds face is were the 6 would be and the numbers are in roman numerals, the hands are in blue steel and the case apparently gun metal or it said that on the description when i bought it, and round the crystal and the loop and also the dial on  top are in a brassy colour or it could be 9ct gold not that sure, the face is 42mm wide and the crystal is 44.5mm wide and the actual watch is 51mm dia. the closest thing i have found to my watch is High Grade Silver OMEGA "Labrador" Pocket Watch. c.1902  but the back of the watch is plain and also its not silver as i can see no markings to say its silver, any help would be helpfull and i really am stuck