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I have the opportunity to trade my 1996 (Zenith) Gold Daytona even for a brand new gold GMT II. I am a little hesitant to trade because I know the value of my watch especially it being a Zenith (although I also understand that, at the moment, the GMT is worth a little more than my Daytona). Under other circumstances I would not trade my watch, however, I have a total of three (3) Daytonas: a 1995 Stainless; the 1996 Gold; and a 2006 stainless. I would like to acquire the GMT II because I do not have one in my collection. My only concern is that, as I have seen with my 1995 stainless Dayton, the value of these watches (especially a Zenith movement) increase substantially over the years; Iím afraid that will not happen with the GMT II.
Alternatively, I have proposed trading even for my 2006 stainless Dayton.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.