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Vox is one of the most trusted names for people who are serious about their watch collection and demand the best in watch accessories. A popular case-maker for watches, pens, and jewelry, Vox has carved a reputation in the niche of luxury cases.

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Vox cases are equally adept at being a showpiece, placed on your dresser or side table, as they contribute to the overall decor with their handsome design.

Each Vox case is well padded on the inside, creating a soft, well-insulated space for keeping watches. Choosing top-quality hardware and designer components like a beveled glass top, each Vox Case has an individual appeal.

Pricing across of some of our best-selling Vox cases might surprise you! You can opt for watch cases in different wooden hues and those with a traditional lock & key mechanism. With excellent hardware, usually brass, and scratch-free interiors, Vox cases qualify to be the first choice to house and flaunt your watches!