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Sparta 6 InSafe - Lithium

Sparta 6 InSafe - Lithium
Sparta 6 InSafe - Lithium


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2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

14.4" L x 7" W x 11.5" H



As with the INSAFE 4-head version, the SPARTA 6 INSAFE winder was primarily designed for the watch collector who keeps his or her valuable watches safely stored in a safe or vault. These units are totally portable and wireless, operating for years and years with the 4 supplied Lithium "D" cell batteries. Clearly, with battery life measured in terms of years, not months, there is no need for providing AC power. Two master switches are provided, each controlling three winding heads, In addition, each head is individually powered with its own on/off switch and operating mode switch. The rugged wooden case is covered with durable black vinyl material. These winders are normally free-standing but also can be easily built into walls or in closets. The pedestal base is removable. It is sized to fit exactly between conventional wall studs on 16" centers. Order with either open-front construction or with a lockable black anodized aluminum door glazed with a break-resistant polycarbonate viewing panel. The door is hinged to fold down 90° to provide a convenient work surface. Doors may also be hinged left or right, to suite available space.