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Roadster 2.7 - Single with Cover & Storage

Roadster 2.7 - Single with Cover & Storage
Roadster 2.7 - Single with Cover & Storage


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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

7.5" L x 7" W x 9.5" H



Enlarged drum (71mm deep and 77mm wide) - easily holds the largest of timepieces. • Patent Pending “snug fit” cuff connects into drum - your watch stays put • Backlit LCD display - lights up with your touch. • Turns per day that YOU select! Start with 300 TPD’s up to (in increments of 50) 1,200 TPD. 57 possible settings! • Easy directional control A= clockwise, B= counterclockwise C=bi-directional. • Power reserve start delay from 6 – 72 hours (in increments of 6 hrs). • Rotation countdown display - know where your winder is in its cycle. • Technically advanced circuit board switch - increases battery life by 30% • Constructed with sturdy wood frames and have metal hinges that are recessed with integrated 90 degree lid stoppers. • Lockable glass front cover. • Ebony Macassar wood faceplate. • Black pebble finish exterior. • Storage for three additional watches. • 110/220 Volt Operates on US and International current • Can operate on Lithium or Alkaline batteries • Directions in three languages: English, Spanish & Chinese Recommended Accessory: M4.0 Cable This cable is a convenient and effective way of connecting multiple watch winders together, allowing them to run off one power source. This reduces the need for clunky power strips and A/C adapters. Use them together to connect up to 12 winder modules. Perfect for use with our modular M4.0 winder systems.