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do i have a real omega watch

by fisherman1 Mar 23,2010 10:51 AM

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  • Re:do i have a real omega watch by marryxue on May 16,2010 09:25 PM      Post Reply
    • Re:Re:do i have a real omega watch by marryxue on May 16,2010 09:27 PM

        Firstly ,you should observe its serial number ,   Second , watch the tag of bracelet . If your omega watch is metal watchband , there will be some tag in the band and must have a number of bracelet .Third note the needle , most replica watches will leakage in its needle . don't look upon this small thing ,but it is not easy to make the same just like the real one . The needle of original omega is very shine and smooth .  Fourth , the character and paint lock in the dial also should keep the appearance brightness and holotactic . Fifth , the guarantee card is also an important evidence that can proof it is a genuine watch . Omega watch has more than two warranty card ,their size is the same as credit card . There will have watch model ,product series number and retailer's kohlrabiblue .

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