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HI all, I have my first automatic watch ever!!! a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust brand new purchased at Mayors, now im seeking a winder, I have 6 other non-automatic watches so im seeking a winder with drawers to consolidate everything in one place, my research says Orbita and Scatola del Tempo are the top choices for rolex, im seeking the Sparta 2 Exective and/or the Scatola del Tempo 6 watch winder with two drawers, can any of you give opinions on how well these work with Rolex, their programming, longevity and how quietly they run ???? Is there another brand i should consider ??? the key features i seek is drawers for my other watches, quiet motors that i can sleep next to, progammability of rotations per day and bi-directional movement also room to grow i have 1 automatic watch, the models im seeking have 2 and 6 cups peferct for future acquisitions. IM interested in your comments, suggestions and recommendations....Thanks, joemango