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by bob692 Apr 08,2011 3:49 PM

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I used to be a member of the Red Arrows Ground Crew during the early 90s.  During my time, Breitling made a special edition Colt. No A50036.  It has a blue face with the 'Eclat' Red Arrows crest next to the date window.  Above the 7,6,5 are the words in red' Red Arrows Aerobatic Team. The watch is Titanium with a metal strap fitted  and an unfitted leather strap in the box.  The watch has not been worn and is still in its original boxes. I have full documentation.  Only 80 were made for the ground crew in 1993.  My question is that  I have tried to find this watch on numerous web sites to gauge some idea as to how much it is worth. Can any one help me.