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  • re: superocean stops working after 3 days by chamisra on Aug 17,2007 09:25 AM
    This watch has a 48hr power reserve so if not worn then will stop.

    I expect like mine, your watch needs a service, although this should be done every 2 years i suggest that if it is 3 years or more then a complete overhaul is the only way to go if never serviced.

    In the UK this costs 230 + Delivery (245 total) or $450 ($480) if $US.

    Mine at the moment is losing around 15 - 20s a day (you do not state if your loses any time but i suspect like mine yours does too)

    I wind mine every 2 days (40 turns).

    Don't be fooled by cheaper and inferior services by any other than Breitlin themselves and with a turn around time of 4-6 wks then its not too much of a burden.

    Have a chat with your dealer mate

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