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  • re: Questions About Speedmaster 3523 (1151) by rjcarr on Jul 11,2006 10:33 PM
    I got some answers to many of my questions so I thought I'd add them for the good of the forum.

    I haven't found a good set of instructions yet, but I did find some that were more specific to my caliber (1151), and those helped a bit.

    1) The second hand only moves when timing. It isn't a problem to have the timer always going, and it only uses 2% more of the charge.

    2) Minutes and Hours.

    3) Haven't read anything about this, I'm assuming it isn't possible. This watch can be wound, however, and my old watch was kinetic only.

    4) I've read somewhere that the push buttons are very firm, and this is normal.

    5) Fake watches of this type are fairly easy to spot; as you'd expect, it isn't easy to duplicate a luxury watch.

    I hope this helps someone.      Post Reply
  • re: Questions About Speedmaster 3523 (1151) by leethewatch on Apr 30,2007 06:51 PM      Post Reply