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I just got a 3523 and it didn't come with instructions, nor is the user manual from the omega website very informative, so I was hoping a couple current owners can answer my questions. If there is a manual specific for this watch, that would be ideal, but I haven't come across one.

1) Is the large second hand really a second hand? It only seems to move when I start the timer (button A) ... and then reset to zero with button B. The only keeper of seconds seems to be the 24 hour chrono in the 9 o'clock position. Is this correct?

2) What are the chronos at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock? I assume for timing minutes and hours, respectively?

3) I had a cheaper automatic watch (a seiko I think) and there was a way to you see how "full" the watch was. I think you pressed a button and the second hand moved around the dial to indicate the charge percentage. Any such feature on this watch?

4) In order to activate the timer buttons, you have to press them pretty hard, harder than I would like, and there is an audible click. But not a nice click, hard to explain. Is this normal?

5) Finally, what is the best way to determine authenticity? I'm 99% sure the watch is genuine, but I did buy it online, but I assume fakes are obvious? If I compared it to a watch from a official retailer and if it looks the same and is the same weight can I assume it is genuine? I've seen some fake rolex (frolex) and it is obvious they are fake.

Thanks for the time ... I'm very happy to be an omega owner and I hope to see this watch on the wrist of my child someday.