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Oyster Perpetual Datejust

by wrc Nov 13,2005 9:00 AM

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Serious about buying a NEW Rolex Datejust 2-Tone Mens Jubilee.

Model: 116233
Bracelet: 63203

Visited a local authorized dealer and they offered 8% discount right off the bat. Watch is kept in a plastic bag and the gold bezel looked as it was 14K; i.e. not the brilliant yellow typical of 18K gold.

They also do not have a return policy.

- Is it my imagination about the gold on that watch and all Rolex watches sold by a reputable authorized dealer ARE genuine?

- What is a reasonable discount for this watch. A non-authorized dealer (reputable jewler) agreed to match a 10% discount w/o any fuzz.

- What else should I be looking for?

Thanks for your help.