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Hi folks

My girlfriend has recently bought me an Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3538.30 Olympic Edition (Torino 2006) as an engagement present (I just need to give her the ring now before I get it!!).

I've always wanted an Omega watch, and this my first foray in to 'decent' watch territory.

My father has an Omega DeVille which is 30 years old, bought for him as a wedding present, and I remember him telling me that - at that time - all Omega watches had 7 Omega symbols on them, perhaps as a measure of authenticity.

The 7 locations being:
The strap buckle
The strap itself
The bit that holds the strap on (??)
The crown
The back
The watch face
The actual glass (lightly engraved)

Does this still hold true for modern Omega watches, or was it something that was particular to my father's watch?