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vintage breitling

by Harry818 Feb 28,2003 5:34 PM

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  • WOW a relic ! by daniel on Feb 28,2003 06:04 PM      Post Reply
  • I agree with daniel by Regulator on Mar 01,2003 12:33 AM
    I saw the catalog with the 2 Breitlings. They seemed to be in good condition. I cannot tell from your photo, but one of the most important items to look for is the dial quality. This really cannot be repaired. The case can be refinished and the strap replaced. Such a service might reduce the price for collectors as "original", but will certainly restore some of its value and make it perfectly wearable. The movements were pretty simple back then so should not be a big deal to restore unless you need parts. Shouldn't cost more than $1,000 to fix. If Breitling does repair it, ask them if they can give you a written estimate of the value after the repair.      Post Reply
  • vintage breitling by Charlie_Spitfire on Jul 14,2005 08:23 PM      Post Reply
  • re: vintage breitling by Charlie_Spitfire on Jul 14,2005 08:25 PM      Post Reply
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