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Hi there!
I`m selling an Omega watch, but it has been very hard to find out about this model that I have. The only thing I know is that this is not a common watch. If you want pictures of it, i can send them to you, just write me back at my e-mail

The information that I have was at the inside of the watch, (sorry about my english, it is not my first language) I went to a jewelry and they weighted it and opened it (in front of me) and this is all that I know. The next info was engraved inside the watch:

24 jewels
18 k 0.750
Box Number : 161005

The gold's weight is 69.7 gr (I don't know the weight in pounds)

They told me that is not a common watch because most of this models were made on a rounded format, and this one is Square! and that it was made between 1961 and 1971. I would like some help about this. Hope that you can give me a hand at sending me more information about it, because I'm selling it.

Thanks a Lot, Have a nice day! I'm enclosing the URL with pics of it