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gold omega watch

by Lorna Nov 10,2005 6:32 AM

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Hi, Iím wondering if anyone could help me. Iím not even too sure if I am in the right place to be asking and if not than I apologise and please just ignore.
I was given a present of an omega watch from my Father, it was his and has a good few years on it.
I canít seem to find anything out about it, Iíve been looking on the net for hours!! Its gentlemenís watch, all gold 22 ct ,strap included, the strap is like cris,cross of gold meshing and about 1.5 cm thick., the buckle being just a gold clasp with the omega sign set and raised . There is a code on the underneath of the buckle which reads 395 997 BA and three other things that I cant really make out, one looks like a triangle!! If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it. Can scan picture later this evening if that would help??
Thank you. Lorna.