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Breitling Aerospace /TAG F1 ?

by Bob259 Mar 02,2003 11:09 AM

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  • re: Breitling Aerospace /TAG F1 ? by Ren on Mar 03,2003 06:54 PM      Post Reply
  • re: Breitling Aerospace /TAG F1 ? by WAwatchfan on Feb 23,2004 02:01 PM
    Hi Bob259,
    You might want to consider a Seiko - model# SNJ001. It's hard to find, but if you travel a lot, it's one of the best travel watches - I have several Breitlings, Rolexes, Tudors, etc, but this one is the one I always bring with me when I'm switching time zones. (Until I can afford the Patek 5110... sigh...).
    One of the sites offering this is:
    You can switch time zones at the push of a button, and you can display one zone via the hands, and a second on the LCD face.      Post Reply