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1210 balances

by judoS Dec 03,2005 6:50 AM

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  • re: 1210 balances by anglomobile on Dec 23,2005 12:26 AM      Post Reply
    • re: re: 1210 balances by judoS on May 21,2006 12:34 PM
      problem solved . almost all 1210 calibre balances are 18000vph but mr rolex chucked an odd one in. MINE!! I check the new balance spring and it was correct at 18000vph but the watch still gained 10 seconds per minute. the key works was correct at 12-1 when counting the train it came apparent that Mr Rolex put an extra leaf on the escape pinion making mine 15425vph good old mr Rolex !!!Thanks Howard !!      Post Reply